The first step in any great journey is choosing to go on the journey. The next step is figuring out what the journey is. We offer our services free of charge to help you figure that out. What features do you want and how will the user interact with your product?

Requirements & Planning

We take your journey (vision) and work out the nuts and bolts. What standards & regulations do you need to be in compliance? What are go-to-market features and future updates? How nice does a feature have to be? These and a million other details get worked out. This allows the next phase and project as a whole to go as fast as possible.

Design & Creation

This is one of the most exciting steps! Key is stroked and ideas are set into stone. Your vision comes to life. By this stage timelines are laid out and with all our experience they can be depended on. By the end you can hold it and interact with your product.


We have helped people take their products through numerous certifications and comply with a huge range of regulations. For us this is just more work to be done. If there is any question we can leverage our large network to get a explicit answer.


How long does it take? Who will do it? How we know that the end unit works? How many tests need to be run to certify it works? We work with you and leverage our experience to create a whole plan from start to finish. This includes writing test procedures and accompanying firmware if needed.

Continued Support

What happens when a part stops being made, a bug is found, or a new feature concocted? We are here to work it out without you having to sweat. We've done it a million times before. We will always be here to support you through whatever updates and fixes that have to be made; no worrying involved.